AUTHOR BIOS: Ms. Guice is a published author. Having always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories from her youth, she decided to write professionally. Ms. Guice chose to recap on her own experience of being a mother and is delighted to share her motherly insights with other women, or others that enjoy self-help books to increase their awareness of motherhood. The book is written as a short ten-step guide to empower and to acknowledge several important aspects to nurturing children from infancy to adult. It's a journey to recognize being a mother isn't easy or magical, but requires patience and love. This book is for anyone to enjoy! It is an easy ten chapter book that can be purchased on this website. Enjoy!

"What happens when a baby no longer needs the loving tender nurturing of their mommy? Let's take a look: Breast feeding during late nights, diaper changes, clothes pins, bottled formulas, and many sleepless nights worrying about high fevers, doctor visits, potty training, teaching them to talk, wiping tears on their first day in kindergarten, musicals, sports, being soccer moms, puppy love, dates, driving lessons, and alas, that small baby has seemed to emerge into a full blown teenager, or, has transcended into a young adult. Wait! It is no surprise that your big baby is still so emotionally dependent on you! What does this all mean?, and of course, what is a mother to do--nest?

First, Let the dust settle in Mommy's head. Everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. Take ten steps, and breathe! It's time to explore the magical pages of "I'm Not Magical Mommy."


With the publishers that I had there were numerous emails, over 2000, and many rewrites and editing to correct errors on the company's end and my own errors. From verbal discussions of what kind of font I wanted, to the images and layout ideas, to drop caps, colors and where pages would be facing within the interior galley within the book at its final stages, were all things that I had no clue about before starting to self publish this full color book.

These are some of the things that an independent self-publishing author needs to become fully aware and do a lot of research before publishing your manuscript.

Like any artist, I even now can see many details that were missed. I can truly say my three long years to get this book in print was worth every second! That's because I wrote it for other Mom's, hoping that it could help them to see aspects of mothering from a fun sorta way and with everyday ordinary truth to it. 

I have to give a special thanks to my wonderful youngest daughter who was my illustrator for the artwork. Yes! She made my lousy stick figure arts I gave her initially come alive!

(Papion)You believed in my vision and made the dream spectacular with your artistic talent  and you helped to make this book a reality to be forever remembered!

"Thank-you Papion Guice, you are the best a mother could hope for and a true pal!"

"I love you with all my heart!"

I have more books that will be coming in the future! One of them will be for kids!

It's called, "MeMe the Magical Ant."

There are many things that a person can write about and I believe that people need to ..."reach beyond their grasp." (Ghandi)

As I said in my book 'I'm Not Magical Mommy', "When you have put your dreams on a shelf it is never too late to dust them off and bring them to life."
I did!

Life is short, give it all you've got!

You are your own magic. Write it!

~Andrea Guice


EVERYTHING I DIDN'T KNOW...about Publishing this book...So, you gotta know.

To begin, I thought about writing and publishing books as far back as high school! Yes!

 I have always had the inclination to write poetic verses and published my first book in 2009, Jaded Hearts Poetry

 I have since written many manuscripts that I candidly put on the shelf. During the past years I made many life altering changes and realized that working on a regular job was not for me, especially since I had worked 32 years non stop.

 I decided to drag out some of my old writings and the idea I had about mothers seemed to draw me back to my original thoughts ...to create a tiny pamphlet for Moms' struggling with raising kids. What I didn't know was this book would consume three years of my time. Yes. Three years!

 I have one regret, that my beloved Mother departed before she could see this book become a reality. I know she would have been proud. It was she that always saw my best potential. From her getting me into playing the accordion, the piano, dancing lessons, ice-skating lessons, and even believing that I had a great voice and would be a singer! Well, I unfortunately failed all of those things. I hardly can play the piano, the accordion was a nightmare for a 108 pound skinny gal, and needless to say, becoming a famous singer was off the table because I married too soon and became a mother too early in my life.

Even so, I always found the time to write down my poems and other story ideas.

As a self publisher, I only had this one- track mind to see my book in print. I didn't realize all the information needed to have a really professionally done book to share with the world. Yes! The world.

 This book project was unlike my first and I must admit it has been a long road of learning the dos and donts of what it takes to make a great manuscript become an actual book and to feel a sense of prideful accomplishment.